What are the Effects?

The effects of Testosterone Cypionate are truly remarkable and can touch nearly every area of our lives in a positive fashion. Of course, there are possible negative effects that are largely due to this steroids aromatizing nature; however, such effects are rare with therapeutic doses and easily controlled in performance doses when the right precautions are taken. With this in mind, we want to look at the primary effects of Testosterone Cypionate, the good and the bad and lead you to successful supplementation. In doing so, you’ll understand how to maximize the benefits within, minimize the risks and reach the desired end regardless of what that might be. It must be noted; for our purposes, the effects of Testosterone Cypionate we’ll discuss will only revolve around healthy adult men. Children should not supplement with this steroid or any steroid for any reason. As for women, there is no reason for performance supplementation with this steroid, and while it can be used in a therapeutic sense it is rare and will not be part of our discussion today.

Positive Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

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When it comes to anabolic steroidal supplementation, the positive effects of Testosterone Cypionate are seemingly endless as this steroid has the ability to do almost everything that can be done by an anabolic steroid. Let’s start first by looking at the effects in a therapeutic sense; as this is the most commonly prescribed injectable testosterone in the U.S. you might want to pay attention. The primary purpose of such use in a therapeutic sense is to treat a low testosterone condition or a low level condition that exist as part of a larger Andropause type condition. Through supplementation, this low level condition is completely and totally reversed as you have now provided your body the testosterone it was lacking and most certainly needs; it not only needs it, testosterone is essential to our very well-being. Through the effects of Testosterone Cypionate, the following can all be reversed and improved upon:

  • Libido – low levels result in a decrease or loss of libido – therapeutic supplementation will bring your libido back
  • Erectile Dysfunction – low levels are one of the leading causes in both partial and full erectile dysfunction; this can occur despite your libido existing or not – supplementation will ensure this is never a problem again – Testosterone Cypionate is the ultimate in erectile dysfunction remedy
  • Physique – low levels will cause you to lose muscle mass and strength – without the needed testosterone to support such mass and strength it will vanish despite proper dieting and exercise habits – low levels can also increase body-fat levels as they tremendously slow your metabolic rate, and this can occur despite proper dieting and exercise habits – all of these conditions can be nearly if not completely impossible to reverse with low levels – with proper levels, you can finally improve these conditions; proper dieting and exercise habits will still be imperative for true improvements, but with the needed testosterone in place to support a healthy physique such a physique is more than at your fingertips
  • Mental – low levels of testosterone can cause depression, diminish your clarity of thought and mental focus and inevitably result in a depressed and lethargic individual – the effects of Testosterone Cypionate will see these problems vanish as the testosterone hormone is imperative to our general well-being and disposition
  • Quality of Life – through the effects of Testosterone Cypionate listed above, your quality of life can only go up, but it doesn’t end there – testosterone is essential to your recovery and low levels hamper this trait and as a result our energy levels are diminished; even our immune system takes a hit – bringing proper levels back on line will remedy this recovery problem, see your energy levels rise and your immune system reinvigorated to its fully functioning capacity

All of the above is possible with therapeutic doses of Testosterone Cypionate, but as we enter the realm of supraphysiological doses, those above therapeutic needs this will be where we see the effects shine like never before. The concept is fairly simple; testosterone plays an active role on many aspects of our body, and when there’s an excess amount there is more to perform the varying tasks. Through such doses, there are five primary aspects that are enhanced leading to five primary actions that largely define the effects of Testosterone Cypionate; they include:

  • Primary Aspects
  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis – the rate by-which cells build proteins
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention – the anabolic factor that represents 16% of muscle tissue composition
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count – the manner by-which blood is oxygenated
  • Increased IGF-1 Production – an anabolic hormone that affects nearly all cells in the body
  • Decreased Glucocorticoid Production – stress hormones that destroy muscle tissue and promote fat-gain
  • Primary Actions:
  • Increased Muscle Mass – not only can tissue be increased, but we can now do so with less body-fat accumulation – total caloric intake will determine a great deal and if you are in a deficit you should not expect growth
  • Increased Strength – due to the enhanced overall anabolic atmosphere – somewhat calorie dependent but even at maintenance levels strength can go up
  • Decreased Body-Fat – the metabolic rate is enhanced and you can now burn fat at a more efficient rate – this increased rate coupled with an extreme anabolic atmosphere will also allow you to lose more body-fat with less muscle tissue loss that often accompanies a caloric deficit that is necessary for fat-loss
  • Increased Rate of Recovery – due to all factors – you heal faster, thereby less energy is spent on healing and more can be spent on direct performance enhancing
  • Increased Muscular Endurance – you can push harder and longer – due to the enhanced anabolic atmosphere but largely due to the increase in red blood cells

Adverse Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

There are five primary adverse effects of Testosterone Cypionate supplementation that are what we can label as possible; this means they are not guaranteed; in-fact, each one is 100% avoidable. Such effects will largely be of no concern with therapeutic doses; after all, you’re only replacing what you’re lacking, and as such, these will only be a concern for performance doses. There are also two effects that are guaranteed in all men who supplement for any reason and they are interconnected; however, they are largely of no concern; let’s explain. When we supplement with Testosterone Cypionate, our body no longer has a need to make its own testosterone, and as a result, your natural testosterone production is suppressed. As testosterone is manufactured in the testicles, the testicles will atrophy as this production has been suppressed, but it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Atrophy refers to a loss of fullness; your testicles are not going to disappear or vanish. If you are supplementing with low levels, none of this should be a concern; sure, your natural production is now suppressed but you weren’t producing enough to begin with. As for atrophy, what’s worse; a slight loss of fullness or a low testosterone condition? If we have to answer this question for you, well, you haven’t been paying attention. For the performance enhancer, those who do not suffer from naturally low levels, the same will occur in you; however, once supplementation is complete and the exogenous testosterone has cleared your system your natural testosterone production will begin again and your testicles will return to their normal size.

Then we have the possible adverse effects of Testosterone Cypionate, and these will only be possible with excess doses. Testosterone that is not used by the body will convert to estrogen via the aromatase process, and this can lead to or contribute to some of the most commonly known anabolic steroidal side-effects. For this reason, how much testosterone you can tolerate will vary from one man to the next; some can tolerate higher doses than others and for this reason you are encouraged to see the Testosterone Cypionate doses link. At any rate, as aromatase occurs, it can cause or contribute to Gynecomastia and excess water retention, and it can even have an adverse effect on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels; both HDL and LDL. For this reason, the use of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) is often advised. An AI such as Arimidex or Letrozole will inhibit the aromatase process from occurring and even lower your total estrogen levels. Further, living a healthy lifestyle that promotes a healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels will do wonders; omega fatty acids in your diet can truly protect you. As for water retention, there is an important factor we must note; aromatization will make you more sensitive; however, it’s not the only factor. Often people bloat or hold water due to excess carbohydrate consumption and aromatization will make this worse. Control your carbohydrate consumption and use an AI and this will not be an issue.

These are the adverse effects of Testosterone Cypionate supplementation, and as you can see they are probably nothing like what you have been told. This hormone cannot kill you; after all, you’re already accustomed to it as you’ve been making it your entire life. Even so, it must be noted; extreme doses and we truly mean extreme can have an adverse effect on the prostate due to a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion, but this is rare and will take truly massive doses for extreme periods of time. Further, those who are very sensitive to acne may have a problem with supraphysiological doses, but it is rare and truly takes a sensitive individual.