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Testosterone builds up muscles! Well, this is not new to steroids as they are used for muscle building however testosterone cypionate is best at doing its job because it has extra 17beta-estrfication. Due to this property when testosterone cypionate is released in users’ body it stays there for about 7 days which makes it unnecessary to take a shot every now and then. The user can just take one shot and hence keep the pain of using it daily aside. However this is not as easy as it seems to be to get the best muscles you have ever dreamed of because there are certain side effects of testosterone cypionate. Knowing about the side effects before using this drug is important to put in efforts to avoid them or at least to minimize its effects. Following are the side effects of testosterone cypionate.

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Two of the most common disadvantages of using steroids come with the use of testosterone cypionate as it causes aromatization and water retention. Aromatization is when males start showing female characteristics and vice versa by the hormonal imbalances that takes place in their bodies due to external supply of hormones. Aromatization in males causes them to develop female characteristics one of the most visible of which is the development of breasts. This happens due to estrogenic activity in the body of male users which results in  the conversion of testosterone into estrogens hence causing their body to undergo changes which makes their body looks like that of females. Water retention, on the other hand, is harmful for the muscles your body has developed by the use of steroids. This is the worst of the side effects as it kills the purpose of using steroids. Your muscles will look like sponge fitted on your arms and hence your dream of looking like a hard ripped guy may shatter. However by using it as per instructions will help avoid side effects of testosterone cypionate. Also by stacking this steroid with others may help.

Another side effect of testosterone cypionate is the soreness which is caused in the area where the injections of testosterone cypionate are taken continuously. Yet other side effects of using testosterone cypionate are the imbalance of electrolytes in the body, acne, facial and body hair and baldness. These side effects will be most prominent in those users who are predisposed to these side effects. This means that those users who have male pattern baldness in their families or who already are the sufferers of acne will have to bear intense form of these side effects.


All the side effects of testosterone cypionate discussed above are strong especially for those who already have inclinations towards suffering from their effects therefore it is important to stay the side effects at bay by taking precautionary measures. First of all testosterone cypionate should be used as per instructions only and only the dosages which are recommended should be taken. Besides this stacking testosterone cypionate with other steroids will also help avoid its disadvantages. It is best to stack this steroid with other milder steroids like deca durabolin, and primobolan. Another steroid which goes best with testosterone cypionate is Equipoise. Since these steroids are mild therefore they minimize the impact of strong testosterone cypionate which otherwise would cause serious side effects for its users.

Now when you know the side effects of this drug you can decide well that whether you want to go for it or not. If you think you can manage using the drug as instructed then you can go for it and get the best benefits you have ever gained of using any steroids.