What's the Price

Like many things in life, the price of Testosterone Cypionate can vary depending on who you get it from and the brand you choose. While true, there is some tremendously good news; when it comes to the price of Testosterone Cypionate we’re talking about one of the most affordable anabolic steroids of all time. There are actually three anabolic steroids that can be labeled as the most affordable of all time, and thankfully this is one of them; the other two include Testosterone-Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate. Of course, we know you’re already begging to know the price; well, that’s going to depend on a few factors as eluded to above, and we’ll explain these factors along the way and enable you to get the most for every dollar you spend.

The Source

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The price of Testosterone Cypionate is going to vary tremendously depending on your source of purchase, and by tremendous that word cannot be overstated. Direct purchases from the pharmacy will normally be very expensive, especially in the U.S.; outside of the U.S. where the law is not nearly as strict the price will normally be a little lower. Then we have the gym dealer, and his prices can range from moderate to absolutely horrifically high; we’re talking about some of the most expensive steroids you’ve ever purchased. A big reason for this is most gym dealers receive their steroids from larger suppliers and they must increase the price if they are to make a profit. That may not seem fair, but remember this guy is taking the brunt of the risk and if he doesn’t make a profit he won’t stay in business. Then we have the big steroid suppliers, and in the modern age they are based on the internet. Such suppliers keep a massive stock of Underground (UG) and Human Grade (HG) anabolic steroids, and as their supply is high their rates are extremely affordable. Often the same HG Testosterone Cypionate you receive from the pharmacy can be found here at an even cheaper rate due to the surplus in stock. In any case, the price of Testosterone Cypionate will always be the most affordable from these types of suppliers.


The price of Testosterone Cypionate will depend on the source of the purchase, but the grade of the product will also determine a great deal; we’re referring to UG and HG grades. HG grades will be the most expensive as they originate from a licensed pharmaceutical compounding facility where as UG grades are unlicensed. This makes the price of Testosterone Cypionate very appealing from a UG standpoint; however, such a price can be deceiving. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for” and this often holds true in the steroid market. In many cases, UG Testosterone Cypionate will be under-dosed or full of contaminants; luckily it’s rarely counterfeited, but those other problems make the possible cheap rate cheap in many other ways. Even so, there are a few high quality UG labs on the market, and the price of Testosterone Cypionate will be fair and of a quality nature; please see the Testosterone Cypionate reviews sections to answer all your questions regarding labs and brands.

The Price of Testosterone Cypionate Guide

Below we have listed a chart depicting the price of Testosterone Cypionate depending on the source and grade you choose. These are standard price ranges and you may find certain sources to be a few dollars more or less, but this will give you a pretty good idea on how much you’ll need to spend. Each type is also listed in price by vial and ampules as Testosterone Cypionate can be found in both forms but the form will depend on the brand. It must be noted; if you find the price of Testosterone Cypionate to be far above or below these ranges you should not purchase it. If it’s far below, it’s more than likely garbage, but if it’s much higher we guarantee you can find a better deal.

Type Pharmacy Gym Dealer Large Supplier HG Vial $110-$150 per 10cc 200mg/ml Vial $150-$200 per 10cc 200mg/ml Vial $75-$125 per 10cc 200mg/ml Vial UG Vial Not Applicable $90-$120 per 10cc 200mg/ml Vial $40-$75 per 10cc 200mg/ml Vial HG Ampule $10-$15 per 1ml 200mg/ml ampule $15-$20 per 1ml 200mg/ml ampule $6-$8 per 1ml 200mg/ml ampule UG Ampule Not Applicable $9-$12 per 1ml 200mg/ml ampule $4-$6 per 1ml 200mg/ml ampule