What are the Results

What are the Testosterone Cypionate results; well, what do you want them to be? We ask because this is a steroid that can truly provide nearly every last trait an anabolic androgenic steroid can offer. Are there steroids that offer more; sure, but when it comes to the healthy adult male you’re not going to find steroids that offer as much with such a high level of toleration. If you’re looking for something to remedy your low testosterone condition or to treat another androgen deficiency problem, Testosterone Cypionate is the answer, but it doesn’t end there. If you’re looking for a performance enhancing tool, if you’re looking to add quality size this is the steroid for you; if you’re looking for a boost and strength look no further, and if you’re looking to be ripped and pealed, with a proper diet Testosterone Cypionate results will promote this end. Of course, you may be asking, how does it work? Let’s take a look and find out.

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HRT Results

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones all human beings produce, and when our levels fall for any reason we inevitably suffer in a host of ways. Both men and women require testosterone; however, while men require about ten times as much, it is essential to the well-being of both sexes. As levels fall below an optimal range, we can suffer physically, mentally and even sexually, and as a result our quality of life takes a sharp downward dive. Those who suffer from low levels can see a loss of lean tissue and strength; their body-fat will increase and reversing any of these conditions will often become impossible even with sound dieting and exercise. In most cases, the individual’s libido will be severely reduced, and many men often suffer from partial to full erectile dysfunction. If that’s not enough, low levels can result in a loss of memory, our focus and clarity of thought is weakened, depression can occur and our immune system and energy levels often take a hit; as you can see, such low levels are no good for anyone.

Testosterone Cypionate Results in Performance

When we supplement with Testosterone Cypionate for the purpose of performance, the nature of the hormone itself doesn’t change; in this case, we are simply supplementing with amounts above essential physical need. With this type of supplementation, Testosterone Cypionate results will take on an entirely different meaning as its direct, natural mode of action will be enhanced; again, we’re referring to performance or supraphysiological doses. Through such doses, there are five specific traits, five specific actions that will be enhanced and lead you to the performance level you desire. As is the case, performance level supplementation of Testosterone Cypionate results in the following:

  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis – proteins are the building blocks of muscle, and protein synthesis refers to the rate by which cells build proteins.
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention – all muscle tissue is comprised of approximately 16% nitrogen and the more we retain the more anabolic we remain.
  • Increased IGF-1 Production – IGF-1 is one of the most anabolic hormones we naturally produce, affecting nearly every cell in the human body. When IGF-1 levels increase, our total anabolic and metabolic nature is increased tremendously.
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count – red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the blood; the more red blood cells we have, the greater the bloods oxygenation levels.
  • Decreased Glucocorticoid Production – glucocorticoid hormones, commonly referred to as “stress hormones” destroy muscle tissue, slow the metabolic rate and promote fat gain; they can make fat-loss tremendously difficult when levels are too high. Testosterone Cypionate results in such hormones being controlled and regulated.

While these are the primary actions, the next question and the only question is how does this all translate into real life for you? As we said early on, there is almost nothing this hormone can’t do in a steroidal supplementation sense; we’ve already explained Testosterone Cypionate results in a therapeutic sense, but now let’s look at direct performance. It does not matter who you are, Testosterone Cypionate results of the following nature can be obtained with performance level doses; however, in some cases, your lifestyle or diet will play a role.

  • Increased Muscle Mass – will only occur if you’re eating enough calories to grow; you may be able to gain a little new mass at maintenance caloric intake, but true growth will occur when intake is above maintenance.
  • Increased Strength – with a greater anabolic atmosphere, your strength will grow up, but it will increase more with a caloric surplus. While true, this trait can promote the preservation of strength in a caloric deficit making it another invaluable trait.
  • An Enhanced Metabolic Rate – through this trait, you will be able to gain more lean tissue with less fat-gain; conversely, you will be able to lose more fat with less lean tissue loss when calories are restricted. Of all the traits, Testosterone Cypionate results of a metabolic enhancing nature may be the most important and valuable of all.
  • Decreased Body-Fat- your metabolism is enhanced, therefore you burn more fat, and as stress hormones are now being regulated in a positive way the fat-burning effects go up tenfold.
  • Increased Rate of Recovery – you will recover from strenuous activity faster than before, enabling you to push harder without the normal wear and tear on your body. Further, the faster our recovery, the greater efficiency in the other traits.
  • Increased Muscular Endurance – partially due to the strong anabolic atmosphere, this is where the increase in red blood cells comes into play; higher levels of blood oxygenation result in greater muscular endurance. This will enable you to push harder and longer, and reach the goals of development you desire.
  • Overall Greater Performance – this simply encompasses all the traits, as Testosterone Cypionate results in every last area of performance being enhanced, and when it comes to performance enhancement, enhancement is the name of the game and Testosterone Cypionate is the answer.